"Please learn to love the value of handcrafted things, because they are the masterpiece of the hard work of expert hands"

This is how Rajan Tolomei, creator and creator of the no.nu brand. he talks about the accessories that enrich the clothing line that he himself designs with love and passion.

They are more important than the dress itself, by themselves they dress and personalize even the simplest dress, they manage to make the wearer unique but above all, they manage to give a unique and recognizable personality.

An earring, a necklace, a bracelet, a brooch or even a hat or a scarf give energy, create allure, communicate and create a symphony of emotions.

The accessory, whatever it is, is often considered superfluous, while according to the designer it is not only necessary but even a priority over everything else. It's the details that make the difference. A phrase that has little rhetoric affirmed sure.

All accessories no.nu. they are rigorously handmade, by expert hands and by specialized artisans, and are created to give identity, personality and uniqueness to the wearer. A necklace, for example, is the closest thing to the face after make-up and hair and, with earrings, it can enhance and make the image bright, full of energy and femininity.

A line of accessories designed for all women who love to feel unique, bright and with a recognizable identity, without ever abandoning the contemporary beauty of practicality.