Urban Sky

The style that characterizes wisely dressing every day, the clothing we use to go out in town, for work or to be with friends. But if these garments dress us every day, they don't necessarily have to be casual or sporty. They can also be very elegant and refined, very classy. In this case we are talking about urban-chic outfits. Born in New York, it has spread throughout the world. The original style saw the excessive use of jeans and ripped T-shirts, then transforming itself into a more delicate and refined version ... sometimes wisely calculated. Go ahead with viscose, gauze, organic cottons and delicate transparencies that create the "see and do not see" effect. Welcome are the raw cut leather garments, draped skirts and palazzo pants or shiny satin that intertwine with the laces of the sandals to give a more decisive and feminine image. Jackets are the dictated item of this trend. Retro fabrics, sometimes unlikely patterns and combinations with a "vintage chic" effect are mixed to create what is contemporary fashion.