Elegance has no boundaries, it develops through various shades, shapes and attitudes. Certainly colors such as ivory, butter, beige or grege are the colors of refined ethereal elegance. They are the colors that emanate eternal youth and caref. In the collection, ivory emphasizes fine wools and warm and enveloping cashmere while beige is enriched with a slightly gray thread, creating a color that in recent years fashion has cleared and accepted as a color of pure elegance: grege.
Grege is a color that allows different blends, different combinations. Cream, white, dove gray line up with this color and create interesting and contemporary combinations without a doubt with undisputed harmony and sophisticated elegance. From oversized shapes to those more adherent to the body, this color gives and creates luxury. The accessories are enriched with leather flowers where multiple facets of beige, gray and golden reflections harmonize creating the symphony of luxury. A symphony in which accessories are the absolute protagonists and creators of style.