There is the quest to say goodbye to all black silhouettes. The fashion pack is now opting for chocolate shades, ideal for warming simple silhouettes and no.nu with PROUD collection fw2022.23 loves to interpret brown as the color of richness, refinement and pure and earthly elegance.
Brown tends to look like a solid, earthy color, but it can feel dull and dull at times. Light browns such as beige are often used as neutrals in design and fashion. While they can provide a conservative and traditional background, these shades are often perceived as dull. Feelings of warmth, comfort and safety. Brown is often described as natural, simple and conventional, but brown for the designer is absolutely sophisticated.
In feng shui, brown is used to harmonize the environment.
Brown represents wood if it is dark and rich, or earth if it is light. This color has energetic and nourishing qualities… according to the stylist, brown interprets reliability, awareness and determination. A luxurious rigor, a new interpretation of soft rock and sophisticated energy created by a color that for years has been abandoned by fashion and everyday life. The accessories are adorned with leather, amber crystals and the shapes draw the body with delicate confidence.