Relaxing Chic

The look that identifies the perfection that is created between the comfortable and the practical elegant. A style born in the seventies that today follows very specific rules, combining refined and casual elements with more refined and romantic elements, thus representing a fair compromise between the most chic women's fashion and a decidedly more relaxed spirit. The slim or slightly baggy mom-fit-style trousers alternate with simpler and more linear trousers, generally in plain colors or characterized by refined fabrics and patterns. The crochet, the cotton lace, the gauze printed in pastel patterns give life, even if they seem classic or little studied, to a result of a very specific project. Everything is defined with vintage details that make this style shine by personalizing it. Being a rather sober type of clothing, in fact, it is good to make it more original by making special combinations. Leather bags and backpacks are inevitable pieces as well as sophisticated and showy bracelets, chandelier earrings and Swarovski multicolor finishes. The watchword of this mood is "refined simplicity".