Color is an important segment for women who love to dress in luxurious vitality, and then comes the bright pink, fuchsia is a blend of red and purple that energizes and elevates. Feminine colors considered more daring…. “An escape from realism” is no.nu's way of referring to its women and collection.
Pink and all the surrounding shades are the colors of energy and rebellion. A dream you wear. Orange relaxes and makes any silhouette sensual. Green, the mix of oil and lime paint lively images full of charm. From ephemeral shapes such as skirts with floral embroidery to more geometric and graphic ones, this part of the collection identifies with those who love the pure energy of color. How flowers show and feel good in the interpretation of this fashion trend that still reflects research and trend. The color applied to garments with a masculine shape claims and creates a strong and unconventional silhouette that follows the trend with determination and personality, giving identity in a contemporary key. Not screaming but whispering.